Interchem Technologies (ICTA) is a results-oriented and environmentally sensitive company providing responsive cost-effective and technically sound service to the electronics, aroma and flavor, pharmaceutical and allied industries.

ICTA's blend of professionalism, project management, careful safety procedures, modern technology and techniques along with broad spectrum processing capabilities creates one of the most effective specialty chemical manufacturers in North America.

ICTA provides:

      • Basic manufacturing

      • Technical support

      • Consistent quality

      • Competitive costs

ICTA can develop process technology for transfer to your facilities, can solve existing problems through advanced technology and can develop technology scaleup to manufacture for your needs. We have extensive equipment to accomplish this.

Families of products that are custom manufactured:

Acetophenones, anthranilic acids, aromatic amines, amino acids, heterocyclic and aromatic aldehydes, arylacetic acids, cycloaliphatic ketones, lactones and lactams, naphthalene chemistry, aromatic and heterocyclic aldehydes, nitriles, aromatic and aliphatic acids, furans, indoles, isatins, pyrazines, and pyrrole chemistry.

ICTA also manufactures entomological pheromones or synthesizes insect attractants for integrated pest management systems.

ICTA offers a blend of professionalism, project management, highly specialized technology with broad spectrum processing capabilities and low cost pricing for your partner in production of specialized intermediates.


Pilot Plant Reaction System

The firm's strengths are its propietary production processes, flexible manufacturing capabilities, industry contacts, and strong research and development programs involving experienced management - resulting in unique and commercially viable products.

ICTA specializes in the commercial production of organic and inorganic chemicals for the aroma and flavor, pharmaceutical, agricultural, aerospace, electronics and allied industries. ICTA also manufactures its own independent product line.

Whether ICTA performs custom manufacturing or supplies you with one of its regularly produced intermediates, you can be assured of specification quality, timely delivery and a competitive price.

Clients Served

ICTA serves the following clients:

  • Flavors and perfumes
  • Agrochemicals
  • Fine chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Cosmetic / Health Food / Nutritional Supplements
  • Polymer Technology
  • Homogeneous Catalysis and Catalytic Hydrogenation
  • Phase Transfer Catalysis
  • Sunscreens and Ultra Violet Absorbing Agents
  • Reactive Monomers
  • Fuel Additives
  • Fine / Specialty Chemical Intermediates for:
    • Reprographics
    • Specialty dyestuffs
    • Biocides / Fungicides / Quaternarics
    • Color Photochemicals
    • Polymer Additives and Stabilizers
    • Biotechnology
    • Electronics
    • Catalysis


Current Production

The products in current production fall into the following six categories:

    1. Sophisticated Insect Pheromones - used in integrated pest management in agriculture throughout the world for mating disruption and monitoring fruit, vegetable and timber production.

    2. Plant Growth Regulators - used to stimulate rooting and plant growth as well as provide color retention during the fragile post-harvest period to market and extended market life. Others can increase the size, and ripening period required of vegetables.

    3. Pharmaceutical Intermediates / Raw Materials - used in Biotechnology for scale-up of active substances for clinical trial research.

    4. Novel insecticides which are environmentally friendly, and have either high knockdown capability or are anti-feedants.

    5. Specialty Products - including such diverse products as ink jet printer fluids to sophisticated polymer intermediates for optical recognition technology, as well as DNA screening.

    6. Flavors and Fragrance raw materials - currently under contract to manufacture components for blending into finished products - such as natrual Vanillin, caramelic and fruit and nut flavors as well as perfume bases.

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