Natural Product Extraction

Interchem Technologies is experienced in the extraction of natural products for active substances:

  • perfume and flavoring substances
  • industrial scale up
  • custom extractions

Variety of solvents

190 proof alcohol, water, petroleum ether, chlorinated solvents, supercritical extraction with freon.

Solid / Liquid Extraction

Our process has been designed for the extraction of active components from botanical biomass such as nutraceuticals, essential oils, and medicinals.

Every attempt is made to avoid thermal degradation, high selectivity, and loss of volatile components.

We have successfully extracted from aromatics and active principles from many materials including:

  • bay oil
  • balsam peru
  • benzoin coeur
  • vetiver oil concentrate decolorized
  • cocoa nut shell
  • chocolate (various types)
  • fig leaf absolute
  • flax
  • mace absolute
  • mate absolute
  • neem
  • St. John's bread
  • styrax coeur
  • tabac tincture (various types)
  • tonka absolute
  • tumeric
  • marigold
  • wheat grass


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