Contract Research

Interchem Technologies has highly skilled chemists who have spent their entire careers in chemistry. When a project is undertaken they dedicate themselves to the customer's proejct. While it is easy to dwell with theoretical methods of intermediates production, our skilled chemists utilize routes from a practical perspective which give clients the ability not only to procure their intermediate, but at an economical price.

Our contract research is offered on a variety of basis:

1 Development of a process for technology transfer to the customer's facility.  

Conference on Production

2 Problem solving of existing technology to meet particular specifications of the market.
3 Development of technology for scale-up for ICTA to manufacturer for customer's market.

We have extensive experience in these areas, and have validated numerous technologies for customers throughout the world. Part of the service also includes having our personnel on hte customer's site for start-up and problem solving until the product in question is being manufactured successfully.

We work with clients under a confidentiality agreement from inception to commercial production.

While ICTA does perform custom processing for clients, its main business is technology development, scale-up and commercial manufacturing of specialty products. ICTA has commercial process technology for hundreds of inorganic, organic, pharmaceuticals and ag-chemicals.

With a dedicated production facility, backed by skilled professionals, and a well-equipped research and development group, we can offer our expertise in the development and synthesis of specialized inorganic and organic intermediates for the aromatic and flavor, pharmaceutical, electronic, agrochemical and allied industries.

Extensive Library of Chemical Literature

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