Gardian® Fly Trap

The Need

Throughout history, the insect known as musca domestica (house fly), have distinguished themselves as persistent pests and perilous threats to the health of man and animals. Flies are vectors of pathogenic organisms and are causative agents of many pathological disorders.

Because of the reproductive capacity of the female flies, being as many as 1000s of eggs per generation, it becomes increasingly necessary to control the population at home, restaurants, food handling establishments, hospitals, schools, and in areas where domestic animals are raised: poultry houses, pig pens, cattle ranches, horse stables and other farming activities where flies are a nuisance and vectors of disease.


Traditional Methods

Traditional methods to control fly populations have included: electrical / light based systems, sticky tape, sprays, etc., which are far less efficient or harmful due to their composition, many containing toxic substances.

Some of these products are more expensive, some inexpensive, but all of them have disadvantages, so the desired results are not optimized.


Completely Natural.

The Gardian® Fly Trap is the alternative to other inefficient systems. The Gardian® is a reusable system designed to effectively attract musca domestica, blow flies, stable flies, blue and green bottle flies, flesh flies and deer flies and other associated flies by luring them into a specially designed trap, knocking them down quickly and safely by means of a uniquely formulated, multi-component system.

Gardian Fly Trap is Natural

  1. The Gardian® system uses an attractant and bait created from all natural ingredients, containing no pesticides and is completely safe and non-hazardous.
  2. The Gardian® system can be strategically placed on a flat surface or hung at the correct elevation to begin attracting flies through its uniquely designed vapor release dome. The system has attracted house flies, blow flies, stable flies, blue and green bottle flies, flesh flies and deer flies.
  3. Activating the system is easy as A...B...C!

    A) The bait and attractant powder, in the hermetically sealed pouch, is opened and poured into the Gardian® trap cylinder.

    B) Water is then added, to the fill line marked on the cylinder label. Slowly rotate the cylinder to mix and dissolve the powder.

    C) Pull up the entrance for flies on the dome top, to open the trap. That's all ... it's ready to use.

  4. The Gardian® should be placed on a flat surface or hung outside a window or outside a residence to draw flies way from the living area. The scent begins luring flies up to a 30 feet area in diameter in a short time, depending on ambient temperature and weather conditions.
  5. When the level of dead flies reaches the full line, marked on the label of the cylinder, the top of the trap should be removed and the flies should be emptied into an appropriate waste container. The cylinder should be cleaned and rinsed with water. The trap can be reused, by activating another sealed pouch of attractant.

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