Nutraceuticals are food components that provide physiological benefits or reduce the risk of chronic disease beyond their basic nutritional functions. The the agri-food industry have begun to look at food not only for basic nutrition, but for health benefits. The market for nutraceuticals is driven by growing consumer understanding of diet and disease links, rising health care costs, and advances in food technology and nutrition.

Governments, the agri-food sector and the research community are enthusiastic about the potential for nutraceuticals to improve the population's health.

ICTA produces:

  • furfuryl adenine (kinetin)

  • zinc citrate

  • L-theanine (10-35%)

  • phenyl butyrate

  • neohesperidin dihydrochalcone

  • α lipoic (thioctic acid)

  • royal jelly fatty acid (9-hydroxy 2-decenoic acid)

  • ellagic acid

  • octcosanol acid

  • ferulic Acid

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