Our staff is composed of dedicated pharmaceutical, organic, inorganic, analytical and environmental professionals.

This operation utilizes the most up-to-date equipment available with state-of-the-art technology. The facility is conveniently located next to a major water port, rail center, highways and airports.

The capabilities of the firm are immense. We have the ability to take a product from inception to commercial production.

In our line of work, the customer requires a highly sophisticated manufacturer who can provide quality, quantity and delivery with the knowledge that the environment is protected. We have taken all necessary precautions to protect the environment.

  • Fully Equipped Research Lab. A variety of glass vessels, glass flasks, porcelain, and support equipment up to 50 liters.

  • Pilot Plant. Multi-purpose glass and stainless steel to duplicate research and plant conditions to 50 gallons.

  • Glass Lined Reactors. 20 to 500 gallons equipped with jackets and agitation and glass overheads and receivers.

  • Stainless steel reactors. 25 to 15000 gallons equipped with jackets and agitation and stainless steel overheads and receivers.

  • Autoclaves. For catalytic hydrogenation and alkylation in stainless steel and galss to 200 gallons low pressure (150 psig) to high pressure (2000 psig).

  • Crystallization. Stainless steel and glass lined scraped wall agitated crystallizers up to 500 gallons to -20°C
  • Vapor Phase Reactors. Stainless steel tubes 6 inches diameter to 500°C

  • Extraction. Solid and liquid/liquid, all stainless steel.

  • Distillation. 5 gallons to 300 gallons @0.1 mm to atmospheric.

  • Centrifugal wiped film, heat transfer fluid jacketed, molecular stills. 1-5 sq. ft. stainless steel #0.01 mm.

  • Centrifuges. Stainless steel to 48 inches.

  • Nutches. A variety of ceramic and stainless steel vacuum filter funnels for solids collection.

  • Filters. Jacketed multi-plate wide variety of stainless steel cartridge type filters.

  • Hot room. For melting high melting solids.

  • Dryers. Rotary cone vacuum blender dryer, recirculating warm air atmospheric shelf dryer, steam heated or hot-water vacuum shelf dryer.

  • Crushers / Pulverizers. From micronizers to jaw crushers, low temperature and inert as necessary.

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