Application in Tomato Plants

Tomato leaves are modified in size, shape, type, number of leaflets, and vein patterns when the growing point is sprayed with solutions containing any concentration of naphthoxy acetic acid from 100 mg/liter to 1000 mg/liter. To bring about pronounced modificattions with low concentrations it is necessary to repeat the application two or more times.

The main effect when tomato plants are placed under bell jars and exposed to β-NOA vapors for 24 hours is epinasty of all leaves; another effect is the inhibition of growth without killing growing points.

β-NOA is used to induce seedless tomatoes by spraying a diluted alcoholic solution of 50-150 mg/liter. There are many advantages on tomatoes which can be described as follows:

Tomatoes will ripen two or three weeks before untreated vines. They will have little or no seeds. They will be larger and appear healthy and colorful. They will be juicier, and its taste will be considerably sweeter than normal fruit with seeds.

β-NOA is 20-30 times more effective than Indole Butyric Acid

β-NOA Application

400 Acre tomato ranch in San Quintin, Mexico applying β-NOA

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