Vapor Phase Reactors

This is a specially designed system which vaporizes compounds or mixtures of organic compounds and passes them through individual catalytic converters. Furnaces are 10 kW electric, split clamshell type with a castable refractory core. Tube size is 6 inch diameter by ten feet long with type 316 stainless steel furnace tubes. The products of this reaction are then condensed and passed into a receiver. The system is equipped with an agitated feed tank (300 gallons capacity) type 316 stainless steel, metering pumps, flow meters, and is controlled on a continuous basis for temperature and flow rate. Typical reaction temperature is 400°C. The system is equipped with a scrubber to remove mists or gases generated.

Products Manufactured by Vapor Phase Reaction:

  • Dehydration of piperazines to pyrazines
  • Synthesis of pyrazines from glycols and amines
  • Dehydration of aliphatic alcohols to olefins, basically odd carbon
  • Dehydration of glycols to dienes
  • Dehydrogenation of terpenes to cyclic compounds
  • Dimerization of low molecular weight aldehydes to aliphatic unsaturated fatty aldehydes.
  • Dehydrogenation of aliphatic alcohols to aldehydes
  • Synthesis of methyl alkyl ketones from acetic acid and fatty acids
  • Synthesis of aryl ketones (acetophenones) from mixtures of aromatic and aliphatic acids.

Vapor Phase Reaction System.

Vapor Phase Small Scale Reaction System.

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